Canon 2008 DSLR Gallery June to January


 M92 (Globular Cluster)

Portion of North American  (Emission Nebula)

M27 Dumbbell (Planetary Nebula)




 M53 (Globular Cluster)

 M10 (Globular Cluster)

 M5 (Globular Cluster)

 Ten Galaxies in Virgo including M86 and M84(Eliptical and Spiral Galaxies)
 M63 or NGC5055 Sunflower (Spiral Galaxy)
M81 and M82 Bodes (Starburst Spiral and Face-on Spiral Galaxy)
 M67 or NGC2682 (Open Cluster)
 Pinwheel M101 (Face on Spiral Galaxy) 
 Horse Head Area IC434 or LB33 (Diffuse  Emission and Reflection Nebula) 
 Christmas tree and Snowflake Cluster (Emission/Reflection Nebulas and Clusters)