Canon 2009 DSLR Gallery June to January


 IC 342 (Face-On Galaxy)

M72 (Globular Cluster)




M73 (Open Cluster) << This is actually an Asterism

M2 (Globular Cluster)

M21 (Open Cluster) Near the Triffid

M4 (Globular Cluster) Antares Region or Rho Ophiuchi Region

 NGC884/869 (Open Clusters) Double Cluster in Perseus
 M103 (Open Cluster)
 M29 (Open Cluster)
 IC 4605 (Diffuse/Reflection Nebula) Rho Ophiuchi/Antares Region
 M26 (Open Cluster) 
 M14 (Globular Cluster) 
 M13 Great (Globular Cluster) in Hercules 
 M12 (Globular Cluster) 
 M11 Wild Duck (Open Cluster) 
 M83 Southern Pin Wheel (Face-on Spiral Galaxy)
 M64 Black Eye (Nearly Face-on Spiral Galaxy)
 M89 and M90 (Elliptical and Spiral Galaxy)


 M88 and M91 (Spiral Galaxies)
 M48 (Open Cluster)
 M100 (Face-On Spiral Galaxy)
 NGC 4565 (Edge-On Spiral Galaxy)
 MU Cephei (Red Super Giant Star)
 M50 (Open Cluster)
 M105 (Spherical Elliptical Galaxy)
 M44 Beehive (Open Cluster)
 M106 (Intermediate Barred Spiral Galaxy)
 Rosette NGC 2237, 38, 39,46 and NGC2244 (Emission Nebula and Open Cluster)


 Thors Helmet NGC2359 (Supernova Remnant Nebula)
 M78, NGC2071 (Diffuse Reflection Nebula and Open Cluster)
 M95, M96 (Spiral Galaxies)