Canon 2010 DSLR Gallery
DSLR Imaging Ended June of 2010


SAC> Sh2-115 Diffuse Neb and PK 85+ 4.1 Planetary and Berk-90 OC

NGC5907 and NGC5908 and NGC 5905 Spiral Galaxies

Fireworks Galaxy Caldwell C12 and Open Cluster NGC6946




NGC4236 Barred Spiral Galaxy Caldwell C3

NGC4536 and NGC4527 Spiral Galaxies

NGC4656 Hockey Sticks and Whale Galaxies


  NGC4526 Lenticular Galaxy and NGC4535 Spiral Galaxy
  M99 Pin Wheel Galaxy and  NGC4298 and NGC4302
 IC410 Tadpole Emission Nebula
Herschel H11_7 Open Cluster
 M46 Open Cluster and (Planetary Nebula Herschel H39-4